Bulk Dead Sea Salt (Maris Sal)

The Dead Sea has a salinity of around 34%, making it almost 10 times saltier than regular seawater. The salt builds up to form crystal beds and sheeny rocks along the Dead Sea shore. The unique mineral composition of the Dead Sea salt has proven effects that help treat various health conditions.

These include:

  • To achieve these desired benefits, the Dead Sea salt can be used in baths, as a scrubbing agent, or in the formulation of various cosmetic products.
  • Our Dead Sea salt is extracted directly from the source and is 100% pure and natural, and comes in a selection of customisable grain sizes to guarantee the perfect fit for your needs.

Skin Health

From inflammatory skin diseases and allergies such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), purulent rashes, and acne, to skin elasticity, glow, and and purity, the Dead Sea salt enhances overall skin health by promoting faster skin tissue repair, providing the skin’s surface with antiallergic elements, and enhancing cell metabolism.

Muscle and Joint Health

Known to relieve muscle tension and ease joint pain, the Dead Sea salt, with its unique concentration of minerals, is effective for the alleviation of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Bromides and Potassium present in Dead Sea salt help to relieve muscular aches, whilst improving oxidation and facilitating the natural regeneration of the body.


The Dead Sea salt, when infused in baths, creates a medium for ultimate relaxation, relieving muscle tension and joint pain through the feast of minerals that are easily absorbed by the body. It also works to alleviate symptoms of stress, such as heightened blood pressure, tightness of the chest, and even insomnia, as the minerals boost blood circulation and slow down the nervous system activity, enhancing sleep quality.

Fine Dead Sea Salt - Powder

Grain Size: 0-1 mm

This is perfect for spa applications needing fast-dissolving bath salts, or as a component in cosmetic products that do not require textural application.

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Fine Dead Sea Salt

Grain Size: 0-2 mm

This is ideal for salt scrubs, exfoliating soaps, bath salts and other bath products, and a popular choice for use in spa therapies.

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Coarse Dead Sea Salt

Grain Size: 2-4 mm

This is ideal for the production of scented bath salts, and is suitable for use in remedial applications at commercial spas.

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Granular Dead Sea Salt

Grain Size: 4-7 mm

This is a popular choice for aromatherapy products and scented bath salts as it mixes well with fragrances and essential oils. It also works in therapeutic applications at commercial spas.

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